Andrea Centazzo

ISBN (identifier) Toshinori Kondo Gianluigi Trovesi
Andrea Centazzo
Centazzo performing in 2006
Centazzo performing in 2006
Background information
Udine, Italy
GenresJazz, avant-garde jazz, free jazz
Occupation(s)Musician, composer, author, educator
Years active1970s–present

Andrea Centazzo (born 1948) is an Italian-born American composer, percussionist, multimedia artist and record label founder.[1]

Music career

Centazzo was born in Udine, Italy. In the 1970s he played percussion in avant-garde jazz with John Zorn, Steve Lacy, and Don Cherry,[2] and became "a leading figure in the European avant-garde".[3]

After 1986 he turned to video making and composed operas, film soundtracks and orchestral compositions.[4] Since 1992, he has lived and worked in Los Angeles and has become a naturalized American citizen. He has also performed and recorded with Albert Mangelsdorff, Alvin Curran, Anthony Coleman, Evan Parker, Fred Frith, Gianluigi Trovesi, Henry Kaiser, Sylvano Bussotti, Teo Jöergesmann, Tom Cora, and Toshinori Kondo. He has conducted his own compositions with the American Youth Symphony, the L.A. Contemporary Orchestra, the Mitteleuropa Orchestra, and many ensembles. He has directed and staged his own opera compositions as well as theatrical plays by other U.S. authors.

Centazzo has also created multimedia projects that fuse acoustic instruments, electronic instruments, and video.[2] His multimedia projects include Mandala, Eternal Traveler, Einstein's Cosmic Messengers, and R-Evolution. In more recent live performances he has given solo multimedia concerts, accompanying his own videos.[4]

Centazzo has recorded over 60 LP's and CD's, and has composed 350 musical works of diverse types, in addition to writing eight musicology books.[5] In 2012 the Library of the University of Bologna opened the "Fondo Andrea Centazzo" with a collection of his works and documents.[6]

Instrumental innovations

During his earlier career Centazzo developed a number of percussion instruments, including the icebell, a bowl-shaped instrument made from a bronze alloy.[7] In his 1980 work Indian Tapes he introduced the ogororo, lokole, tampang, tubophone and square bell, based on Native American instruments.[8]


The ICTUS record label was founded in 1976 by Centazzo and his wife, Carla Lugli. Its first release was Clangs by Centazzo and Steve Lacy. Subsequent albums also featured Andrew Cyrille and Lol Coxhill, among others. The label was wound up after eight years owing to financial difficulties, [9] but was revived in 1995[10] and again in 2006. [11]


Major compositions by Centazzo include the multimedia opera Tina (1996),[12] The Soul in the Mist (2006),[13] Moon in Winter (2011),[14] The Heart of Wax (2012),[15] and the multimedia project Tides of Gravity (2016). This last was produced in association with LIGO, NASA and Caltech to mark the first detection of gravitational waves.[16]

Music albums

Year Title Collaborators
2016 Duets 7 (1977) Evan Parker
2015 October Wind Vol. 2 Steve Lacy, Kent Carter
2015 October Wind Vol. 1 Steve Lacy, Kent Carter
2013 The Complete Recording Vol. 3 - Rituals LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams
2013 Latecomers Anthony Coleman, Steve Swell, Giancarlo Schiaffini
2013 Stolen Moment Marilyn Crispell
2013 Derek Bailey Tribute Band Chris Cochran, Marco Cappelli, Anders Nilsson
2012 In A Rainy Day Roberto Ottaviano
2012 Bridges Akira Sakata, Kiyoto Fujiwara
2012 Lost In June Steve Lacy, Kent Carter
2012 The Complete Recording Vol. 2 - Halcyon Days LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams
2012 Seven Giant Waves
2012 Ictus World Music Collection
2012 Mandala
2011 Einstein's Cosmic Messengers Live
2011 September Impressions Janel Leppin, Mike Sebastian, T.A. Zook
2011 Escape From 2012 Don Preston
2011 Live In Concert At The Kennedy Center Washington DC
2011 Deep Space Adventure
2011 Snowplow Elliott Sharp
2011 Moon In Winter Dave Ballou, Daniel Barbiero, Nobu Stowe, Achille Succi
2009 Guitars
2008 West Coast Trio
2007 Double - The Complete Recording 1976 - 2007 Guido Mazzon
2007 The Warriors Toshinori Kondo, Eugene Chadbourne
2007 Los Angeles Tapes
2007 The German Horse Eugene Chadbourne
2007 After The Silence Giancarlo Cardini
2007 Eternal Traveler
2007 Voyagers
2007 The Soul In The Mist Perry Robinson, Nobu Stowe
2007 Eternal Traveler
2006 Moot & Lid Lol Coxhill, Giancarlo Schiaffini
2006 Double 1 Guido Mazzon
2006 With Love's Light Wings
2006 Henceforward
2006 Double 2 Guido Mazzon
2006 A New Shock!! Gianluigi Trovesi
2006 Fragments 2
2006 Fragments 1
2006 Koans: Volume One Pierre Favre
2006 Mandala
2006 The Heart Of Wax
2006 World Percussion Christmas
2006 The Shadow And The Silence
2006 Chamber Music
2006 Koans: Volume Three David Moss, Steve Hubback, Jeffrey Daniel Jensen, Pere Oliver Jørgens, Brake Drum Percussion
2006 Midnight All Day
2006 Departed Angels
2006 South
2006 Koans: Volume Two David Moss, Alex Cline
2006 Sacred Shadows
2006 Darkly Again Lol Coxhill, Franz Koglmann
2006 Speed The Plow
2006 Infinity Squared Henry Kaiser
2006 Thirty Years From Monday
2006 In Real Time
2006 Darkly Lol Coxhill, Franz Koglmann
2006 The Recollection
2006 Early Music 1972-1973
2006 Tao Steve Lacy
2006 Spaces
2006 Songs And Thoughts
2006 Early Music 1970-1975
2001 Piano Music
2001 Il Cuore Di Cera
2000 Situations Lol Coxhill, Franz Koglmann, Giancarlo Schiaffini
1998 Real Time Two Alvin Curran, Evan Parker
1997 The Secret Of Joy
1996 Highlights From Tina
1996 USA Concerts West John Carter, Vinny Golia, Greg Goodman
1994 A Bosnian Requiem
1994 Film Soundtrack - N. 3
1993 Sea
1993 Sea Land People Seasons
1993 Seasons
1993 Land
1993 People
1992 Living Pictures
1991 Theatres
1990 Cetacea - L'Odissea Dei Suoni Perduti
1989 Il presente prossimo venturo
1989 Visions
1989 Omaggio A Pier Paolo Pasolini
1987 Jacques E Il Suo Padrone Milan Kundera
1985 Tiare
1985 L'Altro Lato Carlo Actis Dato, Furio Chirico, Luigi Venegoni
1984 Shock!! Gianluigi Trovesi
1983 Cjant - Concerto Per Piccola Orchestra
1982 Solo De La Passion Selon Sade Sylvano Bussotti
1981 Percussion Interchanges David Moss, Alex Cline, Creative Music Studio
1980 Indian Tapes
1979 Environment For Sextet John Zorn, Eugene Chadbourne, Tom Cora, Toshinori Kondo, Polly Bradfield
1979 Protocol Henry Kaiser, Toshinori Kondo
1979 The Bay Rova Saxophone Quartet
1979 Velocities LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams
1979 Moot Lol Coxhill, Giancarlo Schiaffini
1978 Dec 29 1978 Udine Eugene Chadbourne
1978 U.S.A. Concerts
1978 Real Time Alvin Curran, Evan Parker
1977 Dialogues Pierre Favre
1977 Trio Live Steve Lacy, Kent Carter
1977 Drops Derek Bailey
1977 Ratsorock Paolo Bordini, Franco Feruglio
1976 Duetti Guido Mazzon
1976 Clangs Steve Lacy
1976 FM Frequenze Modulate (Le Nuove Tendenze Della Musica Italiana) Mario Guarnera, Roberto Cacciapaglia, Guido Mazzon, Gaetano Liguori, Luigi Grechi
1976 Freedom Out ! Gunter Hampel, Frederic Rabold, Bruno Tommaso, Martin Bues, Thomas Keyserling
1976 Solos 6/5/76
1975 Fragmentos
1974 Ictus





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