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The Alvar Aalto Medal was established in 1967 by the Museum of Finnish Architecture, the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA), and the Finnish Architectural Society. The Medal has been awarded intermittently since 1967 when the medal was created in honour of Alvar Aalto.[1] The award is given in recognition of a significant contribution to creative architecture. The award was given earlier at the Alvar Aalto Symposium, held every three years in Jyväskylä, Aalto’s home town. Recently the ceremony has been organized on Aalto's birthday, February 3rd, today the Finnish national Day of Architecture.

The Alvar Aalto Medal is award every few years and was last awarded in 2017.[2].

Recipients of the Alvar Aalto Medal

Year Recipient Country
1967 Alvar Aalto  Finland
1973 Hakon Ahlberg  Sweden
1977 James Stirling  United Kingdom
1982 Jørn Utzon  Denmark
1985 Tadao Ando  Japan
1988 Alvaro Siza  Portugal
1992 Glenn Murcutt  Australia
1998 Steven Holl  United States
2003 Rogelio Salmona  Colombia
2009 Tegnestuen Vandkunsten  Denmark
2012 Paulo David  Portugal
2015 Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano  Spain
2017 Zhang Ke  China

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