Alliance for Progressives

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Alliance for Progressives
LeaderNdaba Gaolathe
Founded28 October 2017
Split fromBotswana Movement for Democracy
IdeologySocial liberalism
Political positionCentre
National Assembly
1 / 65
Pan African Parliament
0 / 5
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The Alliance for Progressives is a social-liberal political party in Botswana.


In July 2017 the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) president Ndaba Gaolathe and five other members of the party's executive were expelled from the party.[1] As a result, Gaolathe set up a new leadership committee, which was later transformed into a breakaway party, the Alliance for Progressives. The new party was formally established on 28 October 2017 with Gaolathe as leader and Wynter Mmolotsi as deputy president.[2] Six sitting MPs joined the party, although Haskins Nkaigwa later returned to the UDC,[3] leaving it with five seats going into the 2019 general elections.[4]

The elections saw the party receive 4.75% of the vote, finishing third behind the Botswana Democratic Party and the Umbrella for Democratic Change. However, it only retained a single seat, with Mmolotsi winning in Francistown South.


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