Alberta International and Intergovernmental Relations

Gary Mar Alberta Cal Dallas

International and Intergovernment Relations
Agency overview
Formed2 September 1972; 48 years ago (1972-09-02)[1]
Dissolved1 June 2015[2]
JurisdictionProvince of Alberta
Agency executive

Alberta International and Intergovernment Relations (or the Ministry of International and Intergovernment Relations) was the Alberta provincial ministry for international relations and relations with the Canadian federal government and the other provincial governments in Canada. It was dissolved in 2015. Currently, intergovernmental and international relations fall within the portfolio of the Premier of Alberta, with many ministries additionally having intergovernmental relations units of their own.


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Envoys to the United States

Alberta's envoys to the United States manage the important relationship between Alberta and the US from the Alberta Washington Office within the Canadian embassy. Currently, Gitane De Silva serves as envoy to the United States, or officially as "Senior Representative to the United States". She has held the position since 1 January 2016, taking over from Rob Merrifield, who was appointed as the envoy in September 2014.[3][4] Previously, Gary Mar has also been envoy to the US, he was appointed 27 September 2007. He resigned the post on 16 March 2011 to contest the provincial Conservative party leadership and later became Alberta's envoy to Asia.

Offices abroad

Through the ministry, Alberta maintains offices and provincial envoys at the Canadian embassies or consulates in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, Berlin, Mexico City, London, Seoul and Tokyo.[5]


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