Albania–Canada relations

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Albania–Canada relations
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Albania–Canada relations refer to bilateral relations of Albania and Canada. The countries are as well members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). Canada supports Albania in its euro-integration path.

Canada's Ambassador in Rome is accredited to Albania, while an Honorary Consulate in Tirana assists Canadian interests in Albania.


Both countries established diplomatic relations on 10 September 1987.[1] In April 2001, the Albanian embassy was opened for the first time in Ottawa. This act helped on strengthening the relations between Canada and Albania. The year 2012 was named as "Year of Albania" in Canada, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Independence. Many activities were held by the Albanian community in Canada, which highlighted the friendship and ties between the countries.

Relations and cooperation

There is no official Canadian development assistance program in Albania, but the Canadian International Development Agency operates a local "Canada Fund" facility, worth Cdn $50,000 per year to support projects delivered by Albanian civil society organizations. Canada also provides assistance in other fields, focusing mainly in an anti-personnel mine destruction program. More than Cdn $500,000 were given to Albanian authorities, to help the military to destroy dated ammunition.

Albania joined the Canadian Military Training Assistance Programme (MTAP) in 2005, which aims at training Albanian military officers in Canada.

Canada's exports to Albania in 2013 amounted to $36.84 million, with machinery, iron and steel products, animal products and tools counting among the top exports. Canadian imports from Albania totalled $6.37 million, mainly in footwear, iron and steel products, apparel and grain.[2] Calgary's Bankers Petroleum is Albania's largest foreign investor, in a project aimed at developing Europe's largest on-land oil deposit in south central Albania. Canadian mining companies also invest and participate commercially in copper, zinc, gold and silver mining projects.[3]

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