2014 Quebec general election

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2014 Quebec general election

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125 seats in the National Assembly of Quebec
63 seats needed for a majority
Opinion polls
Turnout71.43% (Decrease 3.17%)
  Majority party Minority party
  Philippe Couillard 2014-11-11 E.jpg Pauline Marois05-crop.jpg
Leader Philippe Couillard Pauline Marois
Party Liberal Parti Québécois
Leader since March 17, 2013 June 26, 2007
Leader's seat Roberval Charlevoix–Côte-de-Beaupré (lost re-election)
Last election 50 seats, 31.20% 54 seats, 31.95%
Seats before 49 54
Seats won 70 30
Seat change Increase21 Decrease24
Popular vote 1,757,071 1,074,120
Percentage 41.52% 25.38%
Swing Increase10.32pp Decrease6.57pp

  Third party Fourth party
  François Legault2011.jpg Françoise David Andrés Fontecilla2.jpg
Leader François Legault Françoise David and Andrés Fontecilla (as spokespeople)
Party Coalition Avenir Québec Québec solidaire
Leader since November 4, 2011 David: February 4, 2006
Fontecilla: May 5, 2013
Leader's seat L'Assomption David: Gouin
Fontecilla: Ran in Laurier-Dorion (lost)
Last election 19 seats, 27.05% 2 seats, 6.03%
Seats before 18 2
Seats won 22 3
Seat change Increase4 Increase1
Popular vote 975,607 323,124
Percentage 23.05% 7.63%
Swing Decrease4.00pp Increase1.60pp

Quebec Election 2014 Results Map.svg
Popular vote by riding. As this is an FPTP election, seat totals are not determined by popular vote, but instead via results by each riding. Click the map for more details.

Premier before election

Pauline Marois
Parti Québécois

Premier after election

Philippe Couillard

The 2014 Quebec general election was held on April 7, 2014 to elect members to the National Assembly of Quebec.


Seating plan following the election.

The Quebec Liberal Party under Philippe Couillard won a majority government of 70 seats, while the incumbent Parti Québécois finished second with 30 seats, becoming the first single-term government since Jean-Jacques Bertrand's Union Nationale government was defeated in 1970. It marked the lowest seat total for the Parti Québécois since 1989 and its smallest share of the popular vote since its inaugural run in 1970, as Premier Pauline Marois lost her own riding. The Coalition Avenir Québec under François Legault made minor gains in terms of seats despite receiving a smaller share of the popular vote than in the previous election. Québec solidaire won an additional seat, though co-spokesperson Andrés Fontecilla failed to win his riding.

At the outset of the campaign, the Parti Québécois had a modest lead in the polls and appeared to have a realistic prospect of winning a majority government. However, the party's support rapidly collapsed after the party announced Pierre Karl Péladeau, the president and CEO of media conglomerate Quebecor, as a star candidate.[1] Péladeau's conservative and anti-union business background was widely criticized as being at odds with the party's social democratic history;[2] and his outspoken support for a third referendum on Quebec sovereignty quickly sidelined the issues — including the Charter of Quebec Values and the corruption allegations against the Liberals, the latter of which had contributed to the defeat of Jean Charest's government in the 2012 election — which the party had identified as its primary campaign themes, alienating many voters who had little desire to revive the sovereignty issue.[1]

Timeline (2012-2014)

Seat changes

Changes in seats held (2012-2014)
Seat Before Change
Date Member Party Reason Date Member Party
Blainville May 21, 2013[3] Daniel Ratthé  CAQ Suspension  Independent
Viau August 9, 2013[4] Emmanuel Dubourg  Liberal Resignation December 9, 2013[5] David Heurtel  Liberal
Outremont August 26, 2013 Raymond Bachand  Liberal Resignation December 9, 2013 Philippe Couillard  Liberal
La Pinière January 20, 2014[6] Fatima Houda-Pepin  Liberal Resignation  Independent

Changes of party leaders

Changes in party leadership (2012-2014)
Party Leaving Succeeded by
Date Name Reason Date Name Event
 Liberal September 5, 2012 Jean Charest Resigned after losing election in Sherbrooke September 12, 2012[7] Jean-Marc Fournier Named as interim leader
March 17, 2013[8] Philippe Couillard Elected leader
 QC solidaire November 4, 2012[9] Amir Khadir Stepped down as co-spokesperson due to party rules December 2, 2012[10] André Frappier Named as interim co-spokesperson
May 5, 2013[11] Andrés Fontecilla Chosen as co-spokesperson
 Green February 24, 2013[12] Claude Sabourin Resignation February 24, 2013 Jean Cloutier Named as interim leader
September 21, 2013 Alex Tyrrell Elected leader
 Opt. nationale June 19, 2013[13] Jean-Martin Aussant Resignation June 19, 2013 Nathaly Dufour Became interim leader
October 26, 2013 Sol Zanetti Elected as leader

Other developments

September 4, 2012 The Parti Québécois wins a minority government in the 40th Quebec general election, and Pauline Marois becomes Quebec's first female premier.
September 19, 2012 Swearing in of the Cabinet members
October 30, 2012 The National Assembly of Quebec sits.
February 21, 2013 The Parti Québécois narrowly win a confidence motion on the budget by 52 members to 51 members.[14]
June 13, 2013 An Act to amend the Election Act for the purpose of establishing fixed-date elections is given royal assent.[15]
February 20, 2014 The Parti Québécois government table a budget before a two-week recess, sparking election speculation.[16][17][18][19]
March 5, 2014 Lieutenant Governor Pierre Duchesne dissolves the National Assembly, on Premier Pauline Marois's request, and calls an election for April 7, 2014.[20]
March 22, 2014 Deadline for nominations.[21]
March 28, 2014 Returning office open for advanced vote 9:00 am to 9:00 pm ET (UTC−4).[22]
March 29, 2014 Returning office open for advanced vote 9:00 am to 5:00 pm ET.[22]
March 30–31, 2014 Advance polls open 9:30 am to 8:00 pm ET.[23]
April 1, 2014 Elections Quebec was criticized as anglophone students have been rejected the right to vote although they have in some cases been Quebec residents for more than four years.[24]
April 1–2, 2014 Returning office open for advanced vote 9:00 am to 9:00 pm ET.[22]
April 3, 2014 Returning office open for advanced vote 9:00 am to 2:00 pm ET.[22]
April 7, 2014 Election Day. Polls open 9:30 am to 8:00 pm ET.[25]

Incumbent MNAs who did not run for re-election

Electoral District Incumbent at dissolution and subsequent nominee New MNA
Taillon   Marie Malavoy[26] Diane Lamarre   Diane Lamarre
Rimouski   Irvin Pelletier[27] Harold LeBel   Harold LeBel
D'Arcy-McGee   Lawrence Bergman[28] David Birnbaum   David Birnbaum
Maskinongé   Jean-Paul Diamond[29] Marc Plante   Marc Plante
Verdun   Henri-François Gautrin[28] Jacques Daoust   Jacques Daoust
Nelligan   Yolande James[29] Martin Coiteux   Martin Coiteux
Pontiac   Charlotte L'Écuyer[29] André Fortin   André Fortin
Vaudreuil   Yvon Marcoux[28] Marie-Claude Nichols   Marie-Claude Nichols
Robert-Baldwin   Pierre Marsan[29] Carlos Leitão   Carlos Leitão
Trois-Rivières   Danielle St-Amand[29] Jean-Denis Girard   Jean-Denis Girard
Groulx   Hélène Daneault[30] Claude Surprenant   Claude Surprenant
Saint-Jérôme   Jacques Duchesneau[31] Patrice Charbonneau   Pierre Karl Péladeau
Blainville   Daniel Ratthé[32]   Mario Laframboise


70 30 22 3
Liberal PQ CAQ QS

Summary analysis

Popular vote
party year votes change
Liberal 2012
31.20% +10.32%
PQ 2012
31.95% -6.57%
CAQ 2012
27.05% -4.00%
QS 2012
6.03% +1.60%
Others 2012
3.77% -1.35%
Elections to the National Assembly of Quebec - seats won/lost by party, 2012-2014
Party 2012 Gain from(loss to) 2014
Parti Québécois 54 (15) 1 (9) (1) 30
Liberal 50 15 5 70
Coalition Avenir Québec 19 9 (1) (5) 22
Québec solidaire 2 1 3
Total 125 25 (1) (20) 6 (9) (1) 125

Pairing off the top three parties, swings were calculated to be:

  • PQ to Liberal: 8.45%
  • CAQ to Liberal: 7.16%
  • PQ to CAQ: 1.29%

Detailed analysis

e • d Summary of the April 7, 2014, National Assembly of Quebec election results[33]
Party[34] Party leader[34] Candidates[33] Seats Popular vote
2012 Dissol. 2014 Change % Number % Change (pp)
Liberal Philippe Couillard 125 50 49 70 +21 56.00 1,757,071 41.52 +10.32
Parti Québécois Pauline Marois 124 54 54 30 -24 24.00 1,074,120 25.38 -6.57
Coalition Avenir Québec François Legault 122 19 18 22 +4 17.60 975,607 23.05 -4.00
Québec solidaire Françoise David, Andrés Fontecilla 124 2 2 3 +1 2.40 323,124 7.63 +1.60
Option nationale Sol Zanetti 116 30,697 0.73 -1.16
Green Alex Tyrrell 44 23,163 0.55 -0.44
Conservative Adrien Pouliot 59 16,429 0.39 +0.21
  Independent 11 2 15,361 0.36 +0.09
Parti nul Renaud Blais 24 7,539 0.18 +0.12
Bloc Pot Hugô St-Onge 14 2,690 0.06 +0.05
Marxist–Leninist Pierre Chénier 24 2,016 0.05 ±0.00
Parti équitable Patricia Domingos 5 1,645 0.04 +0.04
Parti des sans Parti Frank Malenfant 5 1,291 0.03 -0.09††
Mon pays le Québec Claude Dupré 6 * * 521 0.01 *
Équipe autonomiste Guy Boivin 5 400 0.01 -0.04
Unité Nationale Paul Biron 3 241 0.01 -0.02
Quebec – Democratic Revolution Robert Genesse 1 163 0.00 -0.01
Parti indépendantiste Michel Lepage 1 126 0.00 -0.03
Quebec Citizens' Union Marc-André Lacroix 1 58 0.00 -0.05
Total 814 125 125 125 0 100.00 4,232,262 100.00
Valid ballots 4,232,262 98.54 -0.24
Rejected ballots 62,793 1.46 +0.24
Voter turnout 4,295,055 71.44 -3.16
Registered electors 6,012,440


The party designates David and Fontecilla as co-spokespeople. The party's power is held by the general meetings of the members and a board of 16 directors; the de jure leader recognized by the Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec (DGE) is Pierre-Paul St-Onge.[34]
†† Party contested the 2012 election under the name Coalition pour la constituante.
* Party did not nominate candidates in the previous election.
Vote share
Option nationale

Opinion polls

Evolution of voting intentions for the 2014 Quebec general election. Dots are individual poll results and trend lines are local regressions with 95% confidence interval.
Polling firm Last date of polling Link PQ QLP CAQ QS ON GPQ Other
Election results April 7, 2014 HTML 25.38 41.52 23.05 7.63 0.73 0.55 1.14
Angus Reid[1] April 4, 2014 PDF 27 39 25 7 1 1 1
Segma Recherche April 4, 2014 PDF 25.7 41.5 22.0 8.9 1.9
Forum Research April 3, 2014 PDF 24 44 23 6 0 2 1
Léger Marketing April 3, 2014 PDF 29 38 23 9 1 1
EKOS[1] April 3, 2014 PDF 27.0 39.8 21.1 9.4 2.8
Ipsos Reid[1] April 1, 2014 HTML 28 40 18 12 0 2
Forum Research March 31, 2014 PDF 29 41 19 7 1 2 1
Léger Marketing March 23, 2014 PDF 33 40 15 9 1 1 1
Forum Research March 19, 2014 PDF 32 45 13 7 0 2 1
Ipsos Reid[1] March 18, 2014 HTML 33 40 14 9 2 2
CROP March 16, 2014 PDF 36 39 13 10 1 1
Léger Marketing March 13, 2014 PDF 37 37 14 9 1 1 1
CROP March 8, 2014 HTML 36 36 17 8 1 2
Forum Research March 5, 2014 PDF 38 40 12 7 0 2 1
Léger Marketing March 3, 2014 PDF 37 35 15 8 1 2 1
2012 Election September 4, 2012 HTML 31.95 31.20 27.05 6.03 1.89 0.99 0.89

1 Results among "likely voters"

Pre-campaign period

List of candidates


Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PQ   Liberal   CAQ   QS   ON Other
Bonaventure Sylvain Roy Damien Arsenault Jean-Marc Landry Patricia Chartier Louis-Patrick St-Pierre Patrick Dubois (Nul) Sylvain Roy
Côte-du-Sud André Simard Norbert Morin Mireille Caron Simon Côté Joël Leblanc-Lavoie Renaud Blais (Nul)

Gaétan Mercier (Cons.)

Norbert Morin
Gaspé Gaétan Lelièvre Annie St-Onge Yvan Blanchard Daniel Leboeuf Frédérick Deroy Catherine Beau-Ferron (Nul)

Christian Rioux (Cons.)

Gaétan Lelièvre
Îles-de-la-Madeleine Jeannine Richard Germain Chevarie Mario-Michel Jomphe Natalia Porowska David Boudreau Jeannine Richard
Matane-Matapédia Pascal Bérubé Dave Gravel Yann Gobeil-Nadon Gérald Tremblay Joëlle Vadeboncoeur Harrison Pascal Bérubé
Rimouski Harold LeBel Pierre Huot Steven Fleurent Marie-Neige Besner Pierre Beaudoin Tom-Henri Cyr (Pot)

Pier-Luc Gagnon (Nul)

Irvin Pelletier
Rivière-du-Loup–Témiscouata Michel Lagacé Jean D'Amour Charles Roy Louis Gagnon Étienne Massé Frank Malenfant (PDSP) Jean D'Amour

Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean and Côte-Nord

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PQ   Liberal   CAQ   QS   ON Other
Chicoutimi Stéphane Bédard Michel Mallette Jean-François Doyon Réjean Godin Philippe Gosselin Marc Pettersen (Ind.) Stéphane Bédard
Dubuc Jean-Marie Claveau Serge Simard Claudie Emond Marie-Lise Chrétien-Pineault Ariane Belva Pascal Tremblay (Ind.) Jean-Marie Claveau
Duplessis Lorraine Richard Laurence Méthot Christine Pinard Jacques Gélineau Yan Rivard Alexandre LeBlanc (Cons.)[36] Lorraine Richard
Jonquière Sylvain Gaudreault Tommy Pageau Mélanie Boucher Réjean Dumais Nicolas Beaulieu Sylvain Gaudreault
Lac-Saint-Jean Alexandre Cloutier Pascal Gagnon Elise Marchildon Frédérick Plamondon Sabrina Fauteux-Aïmola Francis Dubé (Nul)

Yann Lavoie (Cons.)

Alexandre Cloutier
René-Lévesque Marjolain Dufour Michel Lévesque Marie-Christine Fortin-Morand Marie-Pierre Clavette Nicolas Boivin Ringuette Marjolain Dufour
Roberval Denis Trottier Philippe Couillard François Truchon Guillaume Néron Luc-Antoine Cauchon Julie Boucher (PDSP) Denis Trottier


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PQ   Liberal   CAQ   QS   ON   Conservative Other
Charlesbourg Dominique Payette François Blais Denise Trudel Marie Céline Domingue Guillaume Cyr Milan Jovanovic Sylvain Fiset (Nul)

Normand Fournier (M-L)
Daniel Lachance (UN)

Denise Trudel
Charlevoix–Côte-de-Beaupré Pauline Marois Caroline Simard Ian Latrémouille Jean-Yves Bernard François Thériault Chantal Melançon Pauline Marois
Chauveau Christian Robitaille Bernard Chartier Gérard Deltell Jean-Claude Bernheim Sophie Leblanc Julie Plamondon Gérard Deltell
Jean-Lesage Pierre Châteauvert André Drolet Émilie Foster Sébastien Bouchard Sol Zanetti Andrés Garcia José Breton (Ind.)

Sébastien Dumais (Nul)
Claude Moreau (M-L)

André Drolet
Jean-Talon Clément Laberge Yves Bolduc Hugues Beaulieu Eveline Gueppe Alexandre Lavallée Monique Roy Verville Maxime Couillard (Nul)

Stéphane Pouleur (Auto.)

Yves Bolduc
La Peltrie Paule Desgagnés France Gagnon Éric Caire Alexandre Jobin-Lawler Éric Belleau Thomas Pouliot Camille Dion-Garneau (Auto.) Éric Caire
Louis-Hébert Patrice Dallaire Sam Hamad Mario Asselin Pascal Minville Patrick Côté Dany Bergeron Sam Hamad
Montmorency Michel Guimond Raymond Bernier Michelyne St-Laurent Jean-Pierre Duchesneau Jean Bouchard Adrien Pouliot Marielle Parent (Green) Michelyne St-Laurent
Portneuf Hugues Genois Michel Matte Jacques Marcotte Catherine Côté Stéphanie Grimard Daniel Beaulieu Jacques Marcotte
Taschereau Agnès Maltais Florent Tanlet Steve Brabant Marie-Ève Duchesne Catherine Dorion Anne Deblois Guy Boivin (Auto.)

Sylvain Drolet (PDSP)
Jean-Luc Savard (Nul)

Agnès Maltais
Vanier-Les Rivières Marc Dean Patrick Huot Sylvain Lévesque Monique Voisine Mathieu Fillion Jean-Alex Martin Sylvain Lévesque


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PQ   Liberal   CAQ   QS   ON Other
Champlain Noëlla Champagne Pierre-Michel Auger Andrew D'Amours Lucie Favreau Nicolas Lavigne-Lefebvre Tomy Lachapelle (Cons.) Noëlla Champagne
Laviolette André Beaudoin Julie Boulet Sylvain Gauthier Jean-François Dubois Gabriel Olivier Clavet-Massicotte Jean-Paul Bédard (M-L) Julie Boulet
Maskinongé Patrick Lahaie Marc Plante Martin Poisson Linda Delmé Dany Brien Laurence J. Requilé (Équit.)

François-Xavier Richmond (MPLQ)

Jimmy Thibodeau (Nul)

Jean-Paul Diamond
Saint-Maurice Luc Trudel Pierre Giguère Stéphane Mongeau Marie-Line Audet Jean Guillemette Jonathan Lapointe (Cons.) Luc Trudel
Trois-Rivières Alexis Deschênes Jean-Denis Girard Diego Brunelle Jean-Claude Landry André de Repentigny Pierre-Louis Bonneau (Cons.) Danielle St-Amand


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PQ   Liberal   CAQ   QS   ON   Conservative Other
Mégantic Isabelle Hallé Ghislain Bolduc Pierre-Luc Boulanger Ludovick Nadeau Évelyne Beaudin Ghislain Bolduc
Orford Michel Breton Pierre Reid Marc-Alexandre Bourget Patricia Tremblay Denis Spick Pierre Reid
Richmond Étienne-Alexis Boucher Karine Vallières Alain Dion Colombe Landry Vincent Proulx Dave Côté Aurélie Dion-Fontaine (Green) Karine Vallières
Saint-François Réjean Hébert Guy Hardy Gaston Stratford André Poulin Étienne Boudou-Laforce Marcel Collette Vincent J. Carbonneau (Green)

Philippe Lafrance (Pot)
Lionel Lambert (UN)

Réjean Hébert
Sherbrooke Serge Cardin Luc Fortin Philippe Girard Hélène Pigot Jean-Simon Campbell François Drogue Jeremy Andrews (Green)

Hubert Richard (n.d.)
Jossy Roy (Pot)

Serge Cardin



Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PQ   Liberal   CAQ   QS   ON   Green Other
Anjou–Louis-Riel Yasmina Chouakri Lise Thériault Richard Campeau Marlène Lessard Raphael Couture Annibal Teclou Lise Thériault
Bourassa-Sauvé Leila Mahiout Rita de Santis Fabrizio Del Fabbro Claude Généreux Félix Luthu Adam Aberra Jean-François Brunet (Pot) Rita de Santis
Bourget Maka Kotto Jean-Pierre Gagnon Sylvain Medza Gaétan Châteauneuf Diego Saavedra Renaud Thomas Lapierre Claude Brunelle (M-L) Maka Kotto
Crémazie Diane De Courcy Marie Montpetit Sylvain Bessette André Frappier Gabrielle Ladouceur-Despins Virginia Leurent-Bonnevie Diane De Courcy
Gouin Louise Mailloux Cheraquie Auguste-Constant Paul Franche Françoise David Olivier Lacelle Marc Boulanger (Nul) Françoise David
Hochelaga-Maisonneuve Carole Poirier David Provencher Brendan Walsh Alexandre Leduc Simon Marchand Malcolm Lewis-Richmond Justin Canning (Nul)

Christine Dandenault (M-L)
Etienne Mallette (Pot)

Carole Poirier
Jeanne-Mance–Viger Joanie Harnois Filomena Rotiroti Mario Parent Stéphanie Charpentier Melissa Miscione Garnet Colly (M-L) Filomena Rotiroti
LaFontaine Mathieu Pelletier Marc Tanguay Julie Di Battista Manseau Véronique Martineau Geneviève Dao Phan Benoit Drouin Yves Le Seigle (M-L) Marc Tanguay
Laurier-Dorion Pierre Céré Gerry Sklavounos Valérie Assouline Andrés Fontecilla Miguel Tremblay Jeremy Tessier Peter Macrisopoulos (M-L)

Hugô St-Onge (Pot)

Gerry Sklavounos
Mercier Sylvie Legault Richard Sagala Alain Clavet Amir Khadir Martin Servant Hate's Deslandes (Pot)

Roger Hughes (Ind.)

Amir Khadir
Pointe-aux-Trembles Nicole Léger Claude Blais Mathieu Binette Natacha Larocque Camille Goyette-Gingras David Cox Louis Chandonnet (Auto.)

Geneviève Royer (M-L)

Nicole Léger
Rosemont Jean-François Lisée Thiery Valade Carl Dubois Jean Trudelle Sophie-Geneviève Labelle Ksenia Svetoushkina Matthew Babin (Pot)

Stéphane Chénier (M-L)

Jean-François Lisée
Sainte-Marie–Saint-Jacques Daniel Breton Anna Klisko Patrick Thauvette Manon Massé Nic Payne Stewart Wiseman Marc Bissonnette (Pot)

Serge Lachapelle (M-L)

Daniel Breton
Viau Odette Lavigne David Heurtel Wilner Cayo Geneviève Fortier-Moreau Benjamin Michaud Marijo Bourgault Ana Da Silva (Pot)

Benoit Valiquette (Nul)

David Heurtel


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PQ   Liberal   CAQ   QS   ON   Green Other
Acadie Évelyne Abitbol Christine St-Pierre Serge Pourreaux Geneviève Dick Julie Boivin Alix Nyaburerwa Yvon Breton (M-L) Christine St-Pierre
D'Arcy-McGee Éliane Pion David Birnbaum Elizabeth Smart Suzanne Dufresne Abraham Weizfeld Lawrence Bergman
Jacques-Cartier Laurence Desroches Geoffrey Kelley Denis Deguire Jean-François Belley James Maynard Louis-Charles Fortier (Cons.) Geoffrey Kelley
Marguerite-Bourgeoys Richard Leboeuf-McGregor Robert Poëti Zoubir Bouchaala Alexandre Émond Myriam Drouin Stéphanie Stevenson Robert Poëti
Marquette Élisabeth Fortin François Ouimet Marc Thériault Marie-France Raymond-Dufour Maude Paquette John Symon Thierry Bisaillon-Roy (Nul)

Pierre Ennio Crespi (Cons.)

François Ouimet
Mont-Royal Audrey Beauséjour Pierre Arcand Jamilla Leboeuf Roy Semak Darryl L Giraud Hélène Floch (Cons.)

Diane Johnston (M-L)

Pierre Arcand
Nelligan Louis-David Bénard Martin Coiteux Albert Bitton François Landry Charles Bourassa Trevor Pinto (Cons.) Yolande James
Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Olivier Sirard Kathleen Weil Noah Sidel Annick Desjardins Alex Tyrrell Rachel Hoffman (M-L) Kathleen Weil
Outremont Roxanne Gendron Hélène David Rébecca McCann Édith Laperle Galia Vaillancourt Théo Brière Mathieu Marcil (Nul)

Simon Pouliot (Cons.)

Philippe Couillard
Robert-Baldwin Michaël Comtois-Lussier Carlos Leitão Jamie Allen Ali Faour Viviane Martinova-Croteau Mathieu Mireault Patricia Popert (Cons.) Pierre Marsan
Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne Véronique Fournier Marguerite Blais Louis-Philippe Boulanger Molly Alexander Étienne Forest Sharon Sweeney Anna Kruzynski (Nul)

Jairo Gaston Sanchez (Pot)

Marguerite Blais
Saint-Laurent Rachid Bandou Jean-Marc Fournier Hasnaa Kadiri Jennifer Beaudry Tidiane Diallo Fernand Deschamps (M-L)

Guy Morissette (Cons.)

Jean-Marc Fournier
Verdun Lorraine Pintal Jacques Daoust Benoit Richer Rosa Pires Julien Longchamp Antonin Bergeron-Bossé Raynald St-Onge (Pot)

Eileen Studd (M-L)

Henri-François Gautrin
Westmount–Saint-Louis Denise Laroche Jacques Chagnon Mélissa Desjardins Lisa Julie Cahn David Gerard (Cons.)[36] Jacques Chagnon


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PQ   Liberal   CAQ   QS   ON Other
Chapleau Yves Morin Marc Carrière Carl Pelletier Laura Avalos Philippe Boily Roger Fleury (Green)

Pierre Soublière (M-L)

Marc Carrière
Gatineau Cédric Sarault Stéphanie Vallée André Paradis Alexis Harvey Marcel Vaive Alexandre Deschênes (M-L) Stéphanie Vallée
Hull Gilles Aubé Maryse Gaudreault Jean Bosco Citegetse Benoît Renaud Eid Harb Gabriel Girard Bernier (M-L) Maryse Gaudreault
Papineau Jean-François Primeau Alexandre Iracà René Langelier Marc Sarazin Jonathan Beauchamp Christine Gagné (Nul) Alexandre Iracá
Pontiac Maryse Vallières-Murray André Fortin Michel Mongeon Charmain Levy Louis Lang (M-L) Charlotte L'Écuyer

Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Nord-du-Québec

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PQ   Liberal   CAQ   QS   ON Other
Abitibi-Est Élizabeth Larouche Guy Bourgeois Sylvain Martel Valérie Dufour Richard Trudel Maxym Perron-Tellier (Cons.) Élizabeth Larouche
Abitibi-Ouest François Gendron Serge Bastien Nadia Racine Ghislaine Camirand Grégory Vézeau François Gendron
Rouyn-Noranda–Témiscamingue Gilles Chapadeau Luc Blanchette Bernard Flébus Guy Leclerc Ghislain Dallaire Gilles Chapadeau
Ungava Luc Ferland Jean Boucher Michael Cameron André Richer Zoé Allen-Mercier Matthew Guillemette (Nul) Luc Ferland

Chaudière-Appalaches and Centre-du-Québec

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PQ   Liberal   CAQ   QS   ON   Conservative Other
Arthabaska Gaëtan St-Arnaud Luc Dastous Sylvie Roy Christine Letendre Jean Landry François Fillion (Green) Sylvie Roy
Beauce-Nord Olivier Pouliot-Audet José Couture André Spénard Mathieu Dumont Lorenzo Tessier-Moreau Éric Couture Benoît Roy (Ind.) André Spénard
Beauce-Sud Alex Gagnon Lacroix Robert Dutil Samuel Poulin Diane Vincent Vanessa Roy Stéphane Bégin Robert Genesse (QRD)

Jean Paquet (MPLQ)

Robert Dutil
Bellechasse Linda Goupil Dominique Vien Stéphanie Lachance Benoit Comeau Mathilde Lefebvre Patrice Aubin Dominique Vien
Chutes-de-la-Chaudière Catherine Paré Ghyslain Vaillancourt Marc Picard Olivier Bolduc Alexis Lévesque-Morin Benoit Cloutier Dave Gagné (PDSP) Marc Picard
Drummond–Bois-Francs Daniel Lebel Isabelle Chabot Sébastien Schneeberger Francis Soulard Alexandre Phénix François Picard Frédéric Bélanger (Nul) Sébastien Schneeberger
Johnson Yves-François Blanchet Brigitte Mercier André Lamontagne François Desrochers Magali Doucet Benoit Lussier Sébastien Gauthier (Nul) Yves-François Blanchet
Lévis Sylvie Girard Simon Turmel Christian Dubé Yv Bonnier Viger Nicolas Belley Sébastien Roy Paul Biron (UN) Christian Dubé
Lotbinière-Frontenac Kaven Mathieu Laurent Lessard Luc de la Sablonnière Nadia Blouin Annie Grégoire-Gauthier Sylvain Rancourt Denis Cadieux (MPLQ)

Rodrigue Leblanc (Ind.)

Laurent Lessard
Nicolet-Bécancour Jean-René Dubois Denis Vallée Donald Martel Marc Dion Marjolaine Lachapelle Guillaume Laquerre Donald Martel


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PQ   Liberal   CAQ   QS   ON Other
Chomedey Jean Cooke Guy Ouellette Carlie Dejoie Lise-Anne Rheaume Patrick Simard Brendan Edge (Green)

Emily Gagnon (Pot) Nick Keramarios (Cons.)[36]

Guy Ouellette
Fabre François-Gycelain Rocque Gilles Ouimet Christopher Skeete Marie-Claire Des Rochers-Lamarche Bernard Paré Gilles Ouimet
Laval-des-Rapides Léo Bureau-Blouin Saul Polo Vincent Bolduc Nicolas Chatel-Launay David Voyer Léo McKenna (Green) Léo Bureau-Blouin
Mille-Îles Djemila Benhabib Francine Charbonneau Sylvain Loranger Anik Paradis Maël Rieussec Bianca Jitaru (Green)

David Mirabella (Cons.)

Francine Charbonneau
Sainte-Rose Suzanne Proulx Jean Habel Domenico Cavaliere André da Silva Pereira Bruno Forget Suzanne Proulx
Vimont Jean Poirier Jean Rousselle Joseph Dydzak Janina Moran Étienne Boily Jean-Marc Boyer (Ind.)

Andréanne Demers (Green)
Alain Robert (Cons.)

Jean Rousselle


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PQ   Liberal   CAQ   QS   ON   Conservative Other
Berthier André Villeneuve Pierre-Luc Bellerose Elizabeth Leclerc Louise Beaudry Francis Lamarre Pierre Baril (Green)

Claude Dupré (MPLQ)

André Villeneuve
Joliette Véronique Hivon Robert Corriveau Denise Larouche Flavie Trudel Sylvain Legault Mikey Colangelo Lauzon Véronique Hivon
L'Assomption Pierre Paquette Jean-Marc Bergevin François Legault Sylvain Fournier Gabriel Gauthier Charles-Étienne Raynault François Legault
Masson Diane Hamelin Wenet Féné Mathieu Lemay Joëlle St-Pierre Pierre-Alexandre Bugeaud Éric Giroux Diane Hamelin
Repentigny Scott McKay Robert Nantel Lise Lavallée Olivier Huard Christian Strasbourg Pierre Lacombe Scott McKay
Rousseau Nicolas Marceau Mario Racette Claude Charette François Lépine Chantal St-Onge Nicolas Marceau
Terrebonne Mathieu Traversy Meriem Glia Jean-François Jarry Yan Smith Jean-François Jacob Mathieu Traversy


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PQ   Liberal   CAQ   QS   ON Other
Argenteuil Roland Richer Yves St-Denis Nicole Chouinard Clotilde Bertrand Samuel Cloutier Serge Dupré (MPLQ)

Rouge Lefebvre (Green)

Roland Richer
Bertrand Claude Cousineau Isabelle Leblond Robert Milot Lucie Mayer Diane Massicotte Patrick Dubé (Nul)

Mario Roy (Ind.)

Claude Cousineau
Blainville Gyslaine Desrosiers Marie-Claude Collin Mario Laframboise Annie Giguère Jean-Philippe Fournier (Cons.) Daniel Ratthé
Deux-Montagnes Daniel Goyer Luc Leclerc Benoit Charette Duncan Hart Cameron Louis-Félix Cauchon Alec Ware (Équit.)

Delia Fodor (Cons.)[36]

Daniel Goyer
Groulx Martine Desjardins Vicki Emard Claude Surprenant Sylvie Giguère Alain Marginean Jonathan Davis (Nul) Hélène Daneault
Labelle Sylvain Pagé Christian Lacroix Cédrick Rémy-Quevedo Gabriel Dagenais Philippe Richard-Léonard Sylvain Pagé
Mirabel Denise Beaudoin Ismaël Boisvert Sylvie D'Amours Mylène Jaccoud Curtis Jean-Louis Andre Linskiy (Cons.) Denise Beaudoin
Saint-Jérôme Pierre Karl Péladeau Armand Dubois Patrice Charbonneau Vincent Lemay-Thivierge Mathieu Trottier-Kavanagh Bruno Morin (Cons.) Jacques Duchesneau



Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PQ   Liberal   CAQ   QS   ON   Conservative Other
Borduas Pierre Duchesne Jean Murray Simon Jolin-Barrette Jean Falardeau Marc-Olivier Siouï Gilbert Gour Michel Lepage (PI) Pierre Duchesne
Brome-Missisquoi René Beauregard Pierre Paradis François Lemay Benoit Van Caloen Nicolas Pepin Pierre Paradis
Chambly Bertrand St-Arnaud Magdala Ferdinand Jean-François Roberge Francis Vigeant Martin Laramée Michael Maher Vincent Dessureault (Nul)

Mary Harper (Green)

Bertrand St-Arnaud
Granby Joanne Lalumière Pascal Proulx François Bonnardel André Beauregard Jocelyn Beaudoin Stéphane Deschamps (Nul) François Bonnardel
Iberville Marie Bouillé Chantal Tremblay Claire Samson Myriam-Zaa Normandin Claude Savard Marie Bouillé
Richelieu Élaine Zakaïb Alain Plante Martin Baller Marie-Ève Mathieu Jean-François Tremblay Marc Gaudet Claude Bourgault (Green) Élaine Zakaïb
Saint-Hyacinthe Émilien Pelletier Louise Arpin Chantal Soucy Danielle Pelland Éric Pothier Simon Labbé Émilien Pelletier
Saint-Jean Dave Turcotte Marie-Josée Denis Serge Tremblay Carole Lusignan Jade Bossé Bélanger Maryse Grenier Dave Turcotte
Verchères Stéphane Bergeron Simon Rocheleau Yves Renaud Céline Jarrousse Mathieu Coulombe Stéphane Bergeron

South Shore

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PQ   Liberal   CAQ   QS   ON   Conservative Other
Beauharnois Guy Leclair Lyse Lemieux Claude Moreau Pierre-Paul St-Onge Florence Rousseau Julie De Bellefeuille Yves de Repentigny (Équit.)

Victoria Haliburton (Green)
Sylvain Larocque (Ind.)

Guy Leclair
Châteauguay Laurent Pilon Pierre Moreau Claudia Cloutier Xavier P.-Laberge Vincent Masse Claude Chalhoub François Mailly (QCU)

Linda Sullivan (M-L)

Pierre Moreau
Huntingdon Huguette Hébert Stéphane Billette Claire IsaBelle Carmen Labelle Yann Labrie Albert De Martin Louis-Paul Bourdon (PDSP) Stéphane Billette
La Pinière Gaétan Barrette Jin Kim Johane Beaupré François Létourneau-Prézeau Sebastian Fernandez Fatima Houda-Pepin (Ind.) Fatima Houda-Pepin
Laporte Sophie Stanké Nicole Ménard Donald LeBlanc Michèle St-Denis Linda Dupuis Christian Godin Marcel Baril (Green) Nicole Ménard
La Prairie Pierre Langlois Richard Merlini Stéphane Le Bouyonnec Marilou André Jean-Pierre Gouin Guy L'Heureux Normand Chouinard (M-L) Stéphane Le Bouyonnec
Marie-Victorin Bernard Drainville Jean-Guy Tremblay Guillaume Provencher Carl Lévesque Fabien Villemaire Pierre Chénier (M-L)

Catherine Lovatt-Smith (Green)
Florent Portron (Auto.)

Bernard Drainville
Montarville Simon Prévost Jacques Gendron Nathalie Roy Jean-Marc Ostiguy Anthony van Duyse Nathalie Roy
Sanguinet Alain Therrien Jean Paul Pellerin Denis Leftakis Christian Laramée Robert Moreau Alexandre Dagenais Hélène Héroux (M-L) Alain Therrien
Soulanges Marie-Louise Séguin Lucie Charlebois Andrée Bessette Patrick Marquis Patricia Domingos (Équit.) Lucie Charlebois
Taillon Diane Lamarre Maxime Tessier Sébastien Vaillancourt Manon Blanchard Éric Gervais-Després Marie Malavoy
Vachon Martine Ouellet Michel Bienvenu Stéphane Robichaud Sébastien Robert Josée Létourneau Hugo Boutin-Sinotte (Pot) Martine Ouellet
Vaudreuil Marcos Archambault Marie-Claude Nichols Luc Tison David Fortin Côté Jean-Gabriel Cauchon Michel Paul Léon Dupré (MPLQ)

Julien Leclerc (Équit.)
Thomas Radcliffe (Green)

Yvon Marcoux

Media endorsements

Parti Québécois

Quebec Liberal Party

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