1994 Barbadian general election

Barbados House of Assembly of Barbados National Democratic Party (Barbados)
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Early general elections were held in Barbados on 6 September 1994.[1] The result was a victory for the opposition Barbados Labour Party, which won 19 of the 28 seats, with its leader Owen Arthur becoming Prime Minister. The ruiling Democratic Labour Party led by David Thompson was reduced to only eight seats, whilst the National Democratic Party became the first third party to win a seat since the Barbados National Party in 1966. Voter turnout was 60.9%.[1]


Barbados Labour Party60,50448.3419+9
Democratic Labour Party47,97938.338–10
National Democratic Party15,98012.771+1
Valid votes125,16399.48
Invalid votes6590.52
Total votes125,822100.00
Registered voters/turnout206,64260.89
Source: Caribbean Elections


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