1966 Barbadian general election

Barbados House of Assembly of Barbados Elections in Barbados
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General elections were held in Barbados on 3 November 1966.[1] Unlike previous elections, which used single-member constituencies, this election was contested using two-member constituencies, in which each voter had two votes.[2] The result was a victory for the Democratic Labour Party, which won 14 of the 24 seats. Voter turnout was 79.7%.[1]


Democratic Labour Party72,38449.56140
Barbados Labour Party47,61032.608+3
Barbados National Party14,80110.132–2
People's Progressive Movement5980.410New
Valid votes79,15499.33
Invalid votes5370.67
Total votes79,691100.00
Registered voters/turnout99,98879.70
Source: Caribbean Elections


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