1930 Icelandic parliamentary election

Althing Iceland 2017 Icelandic parliamentary election
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Elections to the Upper House of the Althing were held in Iceland on 15 June 1930.[1] Following reforms in 1915, the six seats in the Upper House appointed by the monarch were abolished, and replaced with six elected seats.[2] The seats were elected by proportional representation at the national level, using the D'Hondt method.[2] The remaining eight seats were elected along with the Lower House. This was the last election solely for the Upper House, as from 1934 onwards all Upper House members were elected together with the Lower House.[2]


Party Votes % Seats
Independence Party 11,671 48.3 2
Progressive Party 7,585 31.4 1
Social Democratic Party 4,893 20.3 0
Invalid/blank votes 149
Total 24,298 100 3
Registered voters/turnout 34,467 70.5
Source: Mackie & Rose,[3] Nohlen & Stöver


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