13th Canadian Ministry

Henry Herbert Stevens R. B. Bennett Robert James Manion
13th Canadian Ministry
13e conseil des ministres du Canada
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13th ministry of Canada
Former PM Arthur Meighen.jpg
Date formed29 June 1926
Date dissolved25 September 1926
People and organisations
MonarchGeorge V
Governor GeneralViscount Byng
Marquess of Willingdon
Prime MinisterArthur Meighen
Member partyConservative Party (historical)
Opposition partyLiberal Party of Canada
Opposition leaderWilliam Lyon Mackenzie King
Legislature term(s)15th Canadian Parliament
Predecessor12th Canadian Ministry
Successor14th Canadian Ministry

The Thirteenth Canadian Ministry was the second cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Arthur Meighen. It governed Canada from 29 June 1926 to 25 September 1926, including only the last three months of the 15th Canadian Parliament, all cabinet ministers were acting cabinet ministers as Meighen hadn't been given the confidence of the house, and any cabinet ministers appointed by him would have had to resign their seats and run for re-election.[1] The government was formed by the old Conservative Party of Canada. Meighen was also Prime Minister in the Eleventh Canadian Ministry.


Offices not of the Cabinet

Leader of the Government in the Senate

Parliamentary Secretary of Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment


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